About Courtyard

The mission of Courtyard School is to develop scholars, artists, and leaders in a safe and nurturing environment that supports students and their families.

Located in midtown Sacramento, Courtyard School offers Sacramento area families a multiage educational program that features small class sizes, individualized attention, and strong core academics along with a  broad liberal arts approach to learning.  The rich learning program at Courtyard includes instruction in Spanish, drama, music, and visual arts as well as frequent field trips.  Our all-inclusive tuition model covers the academic day, before and after school care, breakfast, hot lunch, most field trips, and camp during Winter and Spring Breaks.

Courtyard’s innovative staff and involved family community all work together to develop young Scholars, Artists, and Leaders who can meet the rigorous academic challenges in top high school programs before continuing on to colleges and universities.


Our Community

One of our greatest strengths is our Courtyard Community. Our community consists of students, parents, educators, and caregivers who have come together to create a special place where children thrive. At Courtyard, both students and parents are known and their input is solicited, welcomed, and valued. Parents are very involved in the school and campus life and have many opportunities to be actively involved.

Courtyard students experience service learning throughout the school year. They develop connections to their community through volunteer activities, fundraising, and  planning special events.

“I didn’t just have friends in my class but in all grades.  We are all just a big happy family.”
–Former Courtyard student

Community Service

Courtyard students experience service learning throughout the school year.  They develop connections to their community through volunteer activities, fundraising, and  planning special events.

Hands-On Science Instruction

From simple physics experiments in TK to advanced dissections in middle school, students at Courtyard experience science instruction far beyond the textbook.

Field trips / Overnights

One of the most exciting and meaningful ways to learn is through hands-on, practical experience, which is why Courtyard makes field trips a high priority. Our students visit museums, attend performances, experience scientific field learning, and go on overnight field trips that include Marin Headlands, Yosemite Institute, Astro Camp, and the Santa Monica Mountains.

“Another thing I like about Courtyard is the overnight field trips.  I have gone on one every year since third grade.”
– 6th grade Courtyard student

Living History Days

History comes alive when students reenact historical events. Sutter’s Fort, American Patriots, British Redcoats, the Silk Road Merchants, food, battle scenes, oratory, costumes…it was all real back then and helps us understand our community today.

Performing and Visual Arts

A part of the regular school curriculum, all students at Courtyard attend Drama and Music, and participate in multiple performances (concerts, poetry recitation, and plays). This repeated and early exposure to various performing art forms provides an invaluable foundation for building creative expression and self-confidence.


Students in all grades at Courtyard receive Spanish instruction.  From learning through songs, dancing, and storybooks to structured grammar and speaking skills, students not only learn a foreign language but gain appreciation for many cultures through our Spanish program.

Physical Education

Both the body and the mind need daily exercise.  At Courtyard we have a dedicated and experienced P.E. teacher who leads our daily developmental physical education program.  Courtyard also offers after-school sports leagues that even our kindergarteners can join.

Public Speaking

Public speaking skills are developed at each grade level, from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students have a variety of public speaking opportunities to develop confidence and hone their public speaking skills through classroom presentations and reports, performing arts, and school performances.

Character Education

Building the Emotional Intelligence of each student is the foundation of the Courtyard Private School Community experience, and developing empathy as a corner stone for healthy relationships is primary. Courtyard is a Tribes School, weaving the Tribes Four Agreements, which include attentive listening, appreciation, mutual respect, and the right to pass, into team building activities, cooperative grouping, and active learning experiences throughout each day.

Our monthly Character Awards reflect the research on building resilience and internally inspired happiness in children so that they are prepared to be successful high school and college students, as well as adults. #thatssocourtyard

September 28
Character Awards – Learning with Urgency, i.e. Quickly with Quality \\ MS Performance

October 26
Character Awards – Appreciation, i.e. Gratitude and Stewardship \\ 5/6 Performance

November 30
Character Awards – Perseverance in a Task \\ 3/4 Performance

January 25
Character Awards – Learning with Focus \\ K-2 Zgraggen Performance

February 22
Character Awards – Caring for Self, Others, Community \\ Grades 5-8 Performance

March 29
Character Awards – Creativity in Solutions and Artistic Expression \\ K-2 Peters Performance

April 31
Character Awards – Time Management \\ K-8 Buddies Performance

May 31
Character Awards – Self-Initiating a Task \\ TK Performance

“Courtyard teaches not only the core subjects, but character traits like responsibility, self discipline, and respect.”
– Former Courtyard student

Before and After School Care

A great source of pride at Courtyard is our Extended Day Care program (EDC) which is available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Students enjoy fun and enriching clubs and activities that include art, music, sports, and free play. Study hall allows our students to complete most of their homework at school.  Our outstanding EDC program is also supplemented by vendors that come to Courtyard to offer lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and dance.

“My school…lets the students participate in fun activities after school that allow all ages to have fun.”
–Courtyard student